02/14/19 -- HB 72 -- Creates a Celiac Awareness Day

Bill Number: 
HB 72
Bill Purpose: 
Creates a Celiac Awareness Day
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

I am realizing that bills that dedicate a day of the week, month, etc to a particular cause are not uncommon at the State Capitol.  As a result, moving forward I will generally issue the same explanation regarding such bills, without commenting on the underlying cause or issue the bill seeks to address:

I am not generally a fan of bills that dedicate days or months for particular causes.  That's not to say that I have problem with the underlying cause, only that using government time to express a sentiment is more often than not unlikely to actually make any difference regarding the cause being supported or opposed.  That said, such bills do not cost the taxpayers any money, and are typically debated for only a short time on the House floor.  As a result, out of courtesy to the bill sponsor, it is my policy to vote yes on such measures unless special circumstances apply.  Accordingly, I voted yes on this bill.

It passed, unsurprisingly.