02/21/19 -- HB 324 -- Prohibits the use of drones over prisons

Bill Number: 
HB 324
Bill Purpose: 
Prohibits the use of drones over prisons
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 324, introduced by Representative Mike Henderson (Republican - District 117) prohibits the use of unmanned aerial drones over prisons, jails, and mental health institutions.  It's designed to provide a penalty for those who use drones to help smuggle in contraband into such facilities.  While I am generally cautious about creating new crimes, this was a well written bill that only covers the specific conduct necessary to stop this behavior.  The airspace being governed here is only directly above the facilities in question, and there is a requirement that the violation must be willful.

While I am not convinced there is a pervasive problem that this bill is needed to address, it does seem like a reasonable restriction, so I voted yes.  It passed.