02/25/19 -- HB 70 -- Prohibits the possession of cell phones by prisoners

Bill Number: 
HB 70
Bill Purpose: 
Prohibits the possession of cell phones by prisoners
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 70, introduced by Representative Chris Dinkins (Republican - District 144) creates a criminal penalty for the possession of a cell phone (or its constituent components) by a prisoner within a prison or jail.  While this conduct is currently against internal prison/jail policies, prior to this bill there was no criminal penalty, just an administrative punishment within the system.  While I am not often in favor of creating new crimes, it seems reasonable for both security and order that cell phones not be permitted in prisons or jails.  Moreover, it isn't a crime that could accidentally be committed -- the effort needed to smuggle a cell phone into such an institution is considerable.

While I suspect this wasn't an absolutely necessary piece of legislation, its reasonable enough for me to support.