02/25/19 -- HCS HB 239 -- Adds fentanyl to the drug trafficking statues

Bill Number: 
HCS HB 239
Bill Purpose: 
Adds fentanyl to the drug trafficking statues
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HCS HB 239, introduced by Representative Nick Schroer (Republican - District 107) adds fentanyl to the drug trafficking statutes, as well as GHB (commonly referred to as the "date rape drug").  While I recognize the potential dangers of these drugs, I stand firmly against expanding the "war on drugs" by criminalizing the non-violent possession or sale of additional controlled substances.*  The purpose of government is to protect individual liberty, not protect people from themselves.  The decades long "war on drugs" has produced a multitude of unfortunate consequences, many of which cause far greater damage to society than illicit drug use itself has caused.

I recognize that this vote will likely be unpopular (the bill passed overwhelmingly).  But it is my duty to vote to protect the liberties of my constituents, as well as the people of Missouri at large.  In my view this bill was contrary to that aim, and so I voted no.

*I intend to write a more in-depth article on my position on drugs in general at a later date.  Check back for updates...