02/26/19 -- 0461H01.24H (Amendment HA 1 to HA 2 on HB 126) -- Establishes paid family leave

Amendment Number: 
0461H01.24H (Amendment HA 1 to HA 2 on HB 126)
Amendment Purpose: 
Establishes paid family leave
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

0461H01.24H was an amendment to a previous amendment on HB 126.  The underlying bill adds additional restrictions on abortion in Missouri.  This amendment, introduced by Representative Cora Faith Walker (Democrat - District 74) would establish paid family leave.  It would provide up to six weeks of paid leave for employees that take time off work for family or medical reasons.

While I recognize that such a program would be greatly beneficial to many Missourians, this is simply not the role of government.  There is nothing stopping employers from voluntarily offering such leave currently.  Moreover, creating a new government program with payroll withholding and other administrative overhead simply adds to an already high burden placed on employers.  This amendment amounts to nothing more than another entitlement program, of which we already have far too many.  I voted "no" on this amendment.  A roll call vote was requested, and it failed by a large margin.