02/26/19 -- 1063H02.02H (Amendment HA 2 on HB 469) -- Creates an economic development grant fund

Amendment Number: 
1063H02.02H (Amendment HA 2 on HB 469)
Amendment Purpose: 
Creates an economic development grant fund
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

Representative Brandon Ellington (Democrat - District 22) introduced 1063H02.02H as an amendment on HB 469.  HB 469 retools an economic development program.  The amendment offered would expand the program to create a grant fund that people could donate to, with the proceeds collected being used to fund the reopening of manufacturing plants that had previously closed.

While there isn't necessarily anything terribly objectionable to the concept of this amendment, it is functionally totally useless. No one needs a State administered fund to donate to companies to encourage them to reopen factories -- they can do that on their own without government getting involved.  Furthermore, I find it fairly unlikely that anyone would actually donate to such a cause, as the companies involved aren't charities - they are for-profit corporations.

Due to these reasons I was a "no" vote on this amendment.  A roll call vote was requested, and the amendment failed to pass.