02/28/19 -- HB 219 -- Extends the sunset on the Ticket to Work program

Bill Number: 
HB 219
Bill Purpose: 
Extends the sunset on the Ticket to Work program
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 219, introduced by Representative David Wood (Republican - District 58) is an incredibly simple bill.  It just extends the automatic sunset on the "Ticket to Work" program by a few years.  The "Ticket to Work" program allows people who are otherwise eligible to receive Medicaid benefits at no charge to instead pay a premium into the program in exchange for being able to retain benefits despite earning more money than would otherwise be allowed via the program.  The idea is that not only do we encourage people to maintain employment, but we also collect a small premium from people who would otherwise have their benefits paid for 100% by the taxpayers.

I do think there are limits to how far I'd be willing to go with the Ticket to Work program's income levels (a failed amendment offered by Representative Peter Merideth would have increased the income limits substantially).  However as implemented I think the program is a good idea, and extending the sunset for a bit seems reasonable.