02/28/19 -- HB 599 -- Removes outdated financial regulations and fees

Bill Number: 
HB 599
Bill Purpose: 
Removes outdated financial regulations and fees
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 599, introduced by Representative Jack Bondon (Republican - District 56) is a "cleanup" bill that removes outdated and unneeded regulations on the financial industry.  Examples of such regulations are the requirement to have certain records stored in duplicate or triplicate in paper format, even when an electronic record already exists.  It also removes a requirement that the Director of Finance print hard copies of a particular report (at State expense).

There was nothing in this bill that appeared to remove any consumer protections or other safeguards, and no one spoke in opposition to the bill on the floor.  As such in the interest in reducing government red tape, I voted "yes".  It passed easily.