02/28/19 -- HCS HB 207 -- Allows adding medical alert info to drivers licenses

Bill Number: 
HCS HB 207
Bill Purpose: 
Allows adding medical alert info to drivers licenses
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HCS HB 207, introduced by Ann Kelley (Republican - District 127) allows the voluntary addition of medical alert information to one's driver's license.  This completely optional program would allow someone to denote the fact that they have diabetes, epilepsy, or other conditions on their license.  This information would also be automatically made available to police officers running someone's information.

This is an excellent idea.  Not only does it make it easier for medical personnel to identify potential conditions when someone is unresponsive, but allowing access by law enforcement might help prevent unnecessary escalation during traffic stops and other encounters.  Several medical conditions can mimic intoxication or other impairment, not to mention scenarios when someone might not be able to properly follow commands (such as being deaf).  If law enforcement is aware of such conditions prior to engaging with someone, it lessens the likelihood of misunderstandings leading to escalation.  This makes things safer for both the police and suspects.

This bill passed fairly easily.