03/04/19 -- HB 260 -- Increase fines for poaching

Bill Number: 
HB 260
Bill Purpose: 
Increase fines for poaching
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 260, introduced by Representative Jered Taylor (Republican - District 139) increases fines for poaching.  I am extremely hesitant to increase fines in most cases.  However in this instance, current poaching fees are so low that in many cases it is cheaper for someone in an adjacent state to come to Missouri and pay the fine for illegally poaching an animal than it is for them to acquire a legal permit in their own state.  That is obviously unworkable.  This bill simply raises the fees for poaching such that they remain a deterrent.

While I do think that conservation efforts sometimes go to far, I do support laws against poaching, as they are necessary to manage animal populations in a responsible way.  Moreover, they are necessary to maintain access to legal hunting to people across the state.  Accordingly, I supported this bill.