03/07/19 -- HB 14 -- Supplimental appropriations for FY19

Bill Number: 
HB 14
Bill Purpose: 
Supplimental appropriations for FY19
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 14, introduced by budget chair Representative Cody Smith (Republican - District 163) provides supplemental appropriations for various purposes to finish out fiscal year 2019.   For the most part, the bill simply moves revenue from designated funds to the departments that had been previously authorized under the 2019 budget to make expenditures.

I don't sit on the Budget committee, so I was not privvy to the full discussion related to this bill.  As such, I cannot speak authoritatively regarding the specifics.  While I am extremely hesitant to vote "yes" on something I don't have a full understanding of, after consulting with a trusted colleague who is on the Budget committee, I had sufficient confidence that this measure was acceptable to support it.