03/14/19 -- HB 523 -- Increases penalties for violating the No Call List

Bill Number: 
HB 523
Bill Purpose: 
Increases penalties for violating the No Call List
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 523, introduced by Representative Shane Roden (Republican - District 111) increases the fines for violating the provisions of the No Call List.  It also adds a small reward for consumers who report a violation that is successfully prosecuted.  While I am usually cautious about increasing fines, it is clear that the No Call List is frequently ignored, and very few violators are actually punished.  Given that the increased penalties would only apply to knowing violations of the law, I don't have a problem increasing them in an attempt to discourage repeat offenders.  I'm also pleased with the addition of a reward for those who report violators -- currently there is no real incentive to bother to report these types of calls, so few are prosecuted. While a $100 reward isn't likely to inspire tremendous action, it will probably help a bit and is paid for by the increased fees.  Overall, this bill was acceptable enough for me to vote for.