03/14/19 -- HCS HB 410 -- Allows physical therapists to treat patients without a referral

Bill Number: 
HCS HB 410
Bill Purpose: 
Allows physical therapists to treat patients without a referral
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HCS HB 410, introduced by Representative David Gregory (Republican - District 96) allows patients direct access to physical therapists without needing to first get a referral from a primary care physician.  This is an excellent bill that provides patients with more control over their healthcare.  In my opinion, there is no reasonable justification for requiring a patient to get a prescription of referral prior to getting physical therapy.  Unlike the use of a medication, a trained physical therapist is not going to injure or otherwise harm a patient who decides to use their services unnecessarily.  While it might generally be considered wise to visit a primary care physician first in order to be sure you don't have a serious underlying condition, I see no compelling reason to mandate it.

This bill lowers costs for consumers, and brings the healthcare system a little bit closer to a free market.  As such, I was pleased to vote in favor of it.

This bill had a roll-call vote on an amendment that failed during perfection.  Read about that here.