03/27/19 -- HCS #2 HB 451 -- Change vehicle inspection frequency requirements

Bill Number: 
HCS #2 HB 451
Bill Purpose: 
Change vehicle inspection frequency requirements
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HCS #2 HB 451, introduced by Representative J. Eggleston (Republican - District 2) changes the frequency that one must have a safety inspection performed on motor vehicles.

The original version of this bill actually eliminated the safety inspection requirement altogether.  At first glance, that sounds extreme and unreasonable -- after all, don't these inspections help keep us safe?  As it turns out, apparently not.  Missouri is one of only a handful of states that still require safety inspections (if I recall correctly, there are only six other states left).   This despite the Federal government previously required all states to perform them in the past.  Once that mandate was lifted the vast majority of states removed their requirements as well.  And did fatal accidents resulting from malfunctions drastically increase thereafter?  Nope.  Mandatory safety inspections tuned out to be nothing more than another hoop that taxpayers must jump through, accompanied by yet another fee.

Unfortunately, there was not sufficient support for the original bill as drafted, so a compromise was reached. The final version of this legislation reduced the frequency requirement of inspections rather than eliminate them entirely.  Under the new bill, one won't need to get an inspection until their vehicle reaches 10 years of age, or accrues 150,000 miles.  Not nearly as appealing as eliminating inspections entirely, however it is a good step in the right direction.