04/01/19 -- HB 124 -- Provides funding for the St Louis Law Library

Bill Number: 
HB 124
Bill Purpose: 
Provides funding for the St Louis Law Library
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 124, introduced by Representative Bruce DeGroot (Republican - District 101) increases the filing fee for civil lawsuits in the St. Louis area by $5.00 in order to fund the St. Louis Law Library.  I almost never support fee increases, however I believe this is a somewhat special case.  First, it is a small fee that is only paid by those using the courts system.  Second, public law libraries are an important tool for those seeking to represent themselves to research the law in order to properly put on a case.  Because I believe that the right to choose self-representation in court is extremely important, I'm willing to overlook this very small fee increase in order to support that effort.

That said, I am not inclined to encourage this sort of fee increase on any regular basis, and would vote against any further attempts to raise this fee during my service in the House.