04/01/19 -- HCS 2 HB 462 -- Creates certified teacher externships

Bill Number: 
HCS 2 HB 462
Bill Purpose: 
Creates certified teacher externships
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HCS 2 HB 462, introduced by Representative Brenda Shields (Republican - District 11) creates a program for teacher "externships" where a public school teacher can work at participating businesses during the summer to acquire real world skills to expand their teaching abilities.  Participation in the program could qualify a teacher for promotion or pay increases under their current advancement procedures.

This bill was originally something I could not support -- it initially included a tax credit for businesses in order to incentivize their participation.  Aside from my general dislike of most tax credits, that also provided a ridiculous situation in which we would be using tax dollars to incentivize businesses to help train teachers... so that they could get raises which then cost more tax dollars.  Luckily that provision was removed from the bill, and the final version does not include any financial incentives for companies to participate.  While I'm still inclined to think that this program is unnecessary, in its current form it isn't problematic so I did not object.