04/04/19 -- HB 628 -- Adds restrictions on dentists authority to prescribe opioids

Bill Number: 
HB 628
Bill Purpose: 
Adds restrictions on dentists authority to prescribe opioids
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 628, introduced by Representative Mary Elizabeth Coleman (Republican - District 97) prohibits dentists from writing prescriptions for long-acting or extended-release opioids for the treatment of acute dental pain unless absolutely necessary.  If they make such a determination, the reasoning must be documented.

I am not in favor of the State micro-managing the treatment options of dentists, which is why I voted no.  After a conversation with the bill sponsor after the vote, I was later informed that this bill was actually presented to her by the Dental Association, who had actually requested the change in statute.  Apparently there are insurance discounts available to dentists in states that have this provision, and they didn't feel the language of the bill was restrictive in practice.  This argument was not made during the floor debate -- had I known this ahead of time I probably would have voted in favor of the bill.