04/04/19 -- HCS HB 1088 -- Establishes the Million Dollar Boondoggle Act of 2019

Bill Number: 
HCS HB 1088
Bill Purpose: 
Establishes the Million Dollar Boondoggle Act of 2019
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HCS HB 1088 introduced by Representative Dan Houx (Republican - District 54) requires the Office of Administration to draft a report on specified projects that are one year behind schedule or $1 million dollars or more over their original cost estimates.  This report is then submitted to the General Assembly and also posted on the OA's website.

This is a great idea.  Making sure that projects are completed within reasonable time and budget constraints is extremely important to the good function of government.  Allowing the General Assembly to more easily track project overruns and missed deadlines will help inform the decision making process during budget review, as well as during discussions of various policy implementation.  In addition, having this information publicly available online allows taxpayers to keep up with poorly performing projects as well, which is an excellent transparency measure.