04/08/19 -- HCS HB 400 -- Tuition breaks for combat veterans

Bill Number: 
HCS HB 400
Bill Purpose: 
Tuition breaks for combat veterans
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HCS HB 400 introduced by Representative Chuck Basye (Republican - District 47) provides discounted tuition rates for combat veterans (which are well defined within the bill) at Missouri's public educational institutions.  It does not apply to private schools. This is an extension of a current program for post 9/11 combat veterans -- this bill would open up the availability of the discounted tuition rates to all combat veterans, not just recent ones.

While there was some debate on the floor about the "lost revenue" that offering these discounts might cause, I was not persuaded by that argument.  Combat veterans have clearly sacrificed in service to our country, and foregoing a small amount of income for public universities is a small price to pay to provide them with assistance in meeting their educational goals.