04/25/19 -- HB 685 -- Sawmills are always zoned agricultural

Bill Number: 
HB 685
Bill Purpose: 
Sawmills are always zoned agricultural
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

HB 685, introduced by Representative Hannah Kelly (Republican - District 141) specifies that sawmills shall always be classified as agricultural property for zoning purposes.

While sawmills are obviously related to agriculture, they are clearly not agriculture directly.  So one might be forgiven for not understanding the reasoning behind this bill.  To be honest, I did not fee the need to delve much into the particulars -- agricultural zoning is typically among the least restrictive grades of zoning, and my understanding is that it is common for sawmills to be zoned commercial (which carries far more restrictions).  As such, this bill likely solves a real problem for many folks, and in any event would certainly reduce regulation on the private property of those wishing to operate such facilities.