We all know Missouri is a great place to live and work.  But like all good things, our state must be protected from the misguided people that wish to change our way of life.  Individual freedom and liberty lies at the heart of any successful society, and as citizens we must always be vigilant to assure these values are preserved.

Join me in my efforts to support these great ideals.


I pledge to:

  • Support and Defend the Constitution

  • Protect Private Property Rights

  • Reduce Wasteful Spending

  • Respect the Free Market

  • Increase Government Transparency

  • Prioritize Road & Infrastructure Safety

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01/15/19 -- HR7 -- Rules of the 100th General Assembly

Bill Number: 
Bill Purpose: 
Rules of the 100th General Assembly
Date of Vote: 
My Vote: 

House Resolution 7 (HR7) provides a list of rules that govern operations of the MO House of Representatives.  The vote on HR7 was "as amended", and was a final vote to adopt the rule package. 

During the amendment process, a variety of issues were discussed and voted on.  I'd previously spoke about 0026h0225h, which was a roll call vote.  But the other amendments were voted on via voice votes.  I'd like to touch on some of the more notable ones here: